Tomorrow’s The Day 2

Don’t forget about Customer Appreciation and Learn to Homebrew Day tomorrow.  We’ve got a whole lotta chicken that we’re going to start smoking early, so bring your appetite.  Remember first 20 customers get a free packet of yeast and another special treat.  We’ll be doing the FastRack Speed Challenge all day, with the fastest time winning their very own rack!  Test your hop identification skills to win a pack of hops.  Get all 3 and win a t-shirt!

Starter Equipment Kits will be 10% off.  In stock Wine Ingredient Kits will be 15% off.  5% off burners and kettles.

Come join us so we can let you know that we really appreciate keeping us going these 2 years!


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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s The Day

  • Darryl Hammill

    I am new to the area.

    Do you offer brewing classes?

    If so – when?

    If not – can you recommend a source for training.

    • Homebrewers Clubhouse Post author

      We are looking to start offering beginner classes in July. Until then, feel free to stop in and we will be able to help answer any questions and breakdown the process to try to minimize the “intimidation” factor of getting started.