HBC Original Recipes (Under Construction)

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All Ingredient kits come in extract and all-grain varieties.  Stay tuned as this page will grow. . .hopefully with more recipes from local brewers.  Note: Prices do not include yeast.  Dry and Liquid options are available based on customer’s preference.

Beers by BJCP Category

  1. Standard American Beer
  2. International Lager
  3. Czech Lager
  4. Pale Malty European Lager
  5. Pale Bitter European Beer
  6. Amber Malty European Lager
  7. Amber Bitter European Beer
  8. Dark European Lager
  9. Strong European Beer
  10. German Wheat Beer
  11. British Bitter
  12. Pale Commonwealth Beer
  13. Brown British Beer
  14. Scottish Ale
  15. Irish Beer
  16. Dark British Beer
  17. Strong British Ale
  18. Pale American Ale
  19. Amber and Brown American Beer
  20. American Porter and Stout
  21. IPA
  22. Strong American Ale
  23. European Sour Ale
  24. Belgian Ale
  25. Strong Belgian Ale
  26. Trappist Ale
  27. Historical Beer